AGROFIM delivers comprehensive greenhouse projects fitted with the most modern equipment each grower requires. We help our clients find the most appropriate solutions based on types of crops, available budget and general conditions, such as climate, topography, etc. Our services start with the analysis of needs through the design, building process and completion of a functioning facility, all built with the highest standards of quality.

Our expertise covers special facilities which are sophisticated tailor made greenhouses. Built for schools, universities and research institutes, we provide the most advanced solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

AGROFIM offers greenhouse structures of two basic types: VENLO and SUPREME, both of which have been proven through extensive use in Europe and around the world. The structures can be adapted to different types of sheathing such as glass, polycarbonate, foil or sandwich panels. Our turn-key versions are fully equipped with systems like heating, shading, venting, climate control, irrigation, preparation and dosing of fertilizer, recirculation with UV disinfection, etc. Our constructions fulfill all standard requirements for snow and wind loads, as well as constant and variable loads.


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